World-Renowned Classical Pianist Olga Kern
Conducts Master Class at Piano Gallery

SCOTTSDALE – World-renowned classical pianist and Van Cliburn International Piano Competition Gold Medalist Olga Kern conducted a Master Class with four local Valley students at the Piano Gallery of Scottsdale on March 25. The artist and the four student pianists, Austen Yueh, Anna Han, Chris Rice and Dani Shraibman, performed on Yamaha’s flagship CFX Concert Grand Piano in the Yamaha Dealer’s Recital Hall for an appreciative audience of more than 50 classical music teachers, students and fans. This is the same instrument Ms. Kern, a Yamaha Artist, performed on at her concert the previous evening at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts as part of its 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Virginia G. Piper Concert Series.

During the Master Class, the talented student musicians played selections from Johannes Brahms, Maurice Ravel and Franz Liszt.

“It is a great honor to have Olga Kern, one of the finest concert pianists in the world, perform a Master Class and work with some of the most talented piano students in Arizona at our showroom. This is a once is a lifetime experience for these young pianists,” said Thomas Miller, owner of the Scottsdale-based Piano Gallery. We are truly thankful that Ms. Kern gave of her time and knowledge to these students and offered her insights on this musical form we love so much.

piano class

Performing Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 3

Yamaha and Musical Instrument Museum,
MIM, Phoenix, AZ Strengthen Relationship

Yamaha MIM

PHOENIX — Yamaha Corporation of America and the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix have announced that they are expanding their relationship with Yamaha's two year renewable loan of a Disklavier reproducing piano to the museum's global collection. Other Yamaha instruments in MIM's collection include a silent guitar, an alto horn, a trumpet, a valve trombone, an alto saxophone, a clarinet and a Recording Custom drum set, used for performances in the museum's Music Theater.

Billed as the most extraordinary museum you'll ever hear, MIM is a 200,000-square-foot building with two floors of spacious, light-filled galleries and a collection of nearly 15,000 instruments and associated objects, including Carlos Santana's custom Yamaha guitar with inlaid Buddhist motifs.

Yamaha truly shares our commitment to bringing exciting and unparalleled musical experiences to the world, and I'm delighted that they have made this generous contribution of instruments to our fine collection, said Dr. Bill R. DeWalt, president and director of the museum. We are dedicated to providing high-quality events and presentations, while Yamaha represents excellence in craftsmanship and technology, so this partnership is a natural one that will have long-term benefits for all our visitors.

According to DeWalt, the addition of the Yamaha Disklavier—a technologically advanced reproducing grand piano that can magically playback note for note performances stored on the instrument or streamed over the Internet provides a fabulous new way in which the museum can showcase the superb acoustics of the its 300-seat Music Theater around the clock.

When not being used for actual live performances in the theater, the Disklavier will remain on stage to automatically perform the myriad songs from its vast software library.

In addition, MIM plans to explore the full potential of Yamaha's groundbreaking Disklavier RemoteLive technology. Here, a pianist can perform live on the Disklavier in the theater and have his or her exact keystrokes and pedal movements transmitted live and in real time to other networked Disklavier pianos anywhere in the world.

The performance plays back live at the receiving end—a college classroom, another performance venue, even a living room—with the Disklavier's keys and pedals moving up and down to faithfully recreate the pianist's music. What is more, the entire performance. pianist and ensemble, appears on a big screen television, and in perfect sync with the piano. With musicians conceivably thousands of miles away from their audiences, this remarkable technology redefines the nature of piano performance and education, and opens up many opportunities for enhancing programming at the museum.

The Musical Instrument Museum is doing a wonderful job presenting a broad range of compelling and innovative musical presentations, so it's natural for Yamaha to share its mission and to be a part of this magnificent collection, said Rick Young, Senior Vice President, Yamaha Corporation of America. This is the kind of interactive museum experience that brings smiles to people's faces and reinforces the grandeur of music across all cultures.


"Music is the one and only language written and read the same way
throughout the entire world that everyone hears."

bosendorfer newsBosendorfer 200 First Non Yamaha Piano
to Include Disklavier Player Technology

Bosendorfer Model 200 Piano Offer Yamaha's Disklavier High-End Performance Reproduction Players

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Yamaha today introduces the Bosendorfer 200DE3, the first non-Yamaha piano to feature the company's award-winning Disklavier performance reproducing technology, which is integrated inside the new model as part of Bosendorfer's handcrafted manufacturing process.

The Bosendorfer 200DE3 derives from the vaunted Bosendorfer 200, which has enjoyed enormous popularity with music schools and professional teachers at conservatories for over 50 years. Its compact size makes it equally at home in private spaces. The model features the famous, rich and moving Bosendorfer sound, along with superior quality workmanship and optimal use of materials to create lasting value and the best sound possible.

"This is the first time that we have extended the Disklavier system to another manufacturer's name and in this case it enhances both brands," said Mark Anderson, Marketing Director, Yamaha Keyboard Division.

"Because consumers are confident in the reliability and performance capability of the Disklavier technology and in Yamaha pianos, they will perceive an enhanced value for the Bosendorfer 200DE3, which embodies Yamaha's commitment to upholding the Bosendorfer legacy while adding sophisticated technological enhancements that have many practical benefits," said Anderson.

By keeping Bosendorfer's brand integrity intact and adding an advantageous performance reproduction system that only Disklavier technology can bring, Yamaha has created the perfect complement to Yamaha's high-end Disklavier piano line. Faculty and students at top colleges and music conservatories will appreciate the expanded capabilities that this reproducing technology provides, including the ability to conduct remote lessons and master classes on pianos networked over the internet, which virtually eliminates geographical boundaries between teacher and student.

A great piano like Bosendorfer is a logical place to expand Disklavier technology from its role enhancing the capacity of quality Yamaha pianos. For almost a quarter century, the award-winning Disklavier performance reproducing piano systems have combined old-world craftsmanship with a range of 21st century features. Disklavier offers a sophisticated, whisper-soft playback system that turns any room into a concert hall. Special music CDs ship with the system, so it's possible to start enjoying content as soon as the Bosendorfer 200DE3 is delivered. The built-in Disklavier system further expands the Bosendorfer's capabilities by offering remote control operation along with USB recording and playback. The Disklavier Radio function offers uninterrupted streams of music over 11 different channels delivering classical, jazz, pop and other styles. The unit comes with ample storage space so users can document and share their own performances.

Yamaha Keyboards USA Debuts YouTube Channel

In its latest effort to engage and educate consumers via social media and interactive marketing tools, Yamaha Corporation of America today announced the launch of the Yamaha Keyboards USA Channel on YouTube.

The channel currently features videos that showcase the capabilities of the Piaggero ultra portable digital piano and the award-winning Tyros 4 arranger workstation keyboard.

The Piaggero NP-V80 Intelligent Arpeggiator demonstration offers a fun, informative look at how this compact digital piano tailors keyboard grooves to the sound a player chooses. By simply selecting a Voice and playing a chord, the arpeggiator helps any player sound like a pro.

The Christmas Song video, as performed on the Tyros 4 using the Christmas Ballad Style, features the Super Articulation 2 Clarinet Voice and shows how the instrument can connect to a karaoke display on a television screen or monitor.

With Pop-Up Video-style pieces of informational text appearing throughout the demo, the Earth Song Demo provides a quick overview of the Vocal Pop Style on the Tyros 4. The main Voices played are SA2 Harmonica and SA2 Rock Hero, with audio captured using the Tyros 4 built-in audio recorder.

Christmas Time is Here, features the Yamaha Tyros 4 and a talented guest vocalist. In this video, the singer's microphone is plugged directly into the Tyros 4, adding amazing dynamics, EQ, reverb and delay. The audio in the video was captured using the Tyros 4's built-in audio recorder.

This channel is a fun, dynamic way we can share our knowledge of Yamaha instruments with the music community, said Dane Madsen, Digital Piano Marketing Manager, Yamaha Keyboard Division. We are committed to leveraging social and interactive media to stay connected with our customers by providing them with content to help enhance their musicianship.
The exciting new channel is consistent with the mission of the companys newly created Customer Experience Group (CEG) and illustrates Yamaha continuing inroads into web-based initiatives via social media and interactive marketing.

Yamaha Disklavier Piano App Now Available For Apple
iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

BUENA PARK, Calif. — With this month's release of a new Operating System for its E3 series Disklavier pianos, Yamaha today affirmed that its entire consumer line of award winning reproducing instruments is now compatible with the company's updated Disklavier app (version 1.1.1), available for download in the Apple iTunes store.

The free App, introduced last June for Mark IV model Disklavier pianos, enables WiFi remote control of the instrument using an Apple iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. At the touch of a button on any of these devices, the user can control many Disklavier performance functions, including selection and playback of sources, albums and individual songs; volume, basic record and song titling, balance, transpose and part cancel.

In addition, the App can be used to control playback of Disklavier Radio, an unlimited, subscription-based service that lets users listen to hundreds of fully orchestrated songs 24/7 over the Internet, which are then performed live on the Disklavier.

Yamaha's goal is to make it as convenient as possible for Disklavier users to control and enjoy their instrument, said Jim Levesque, Disklavier Marketing Manager, Yamaha Corporation of America. Since many of our users already own an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, now they can simply reach into their pocket, open our app and immediately enjoy any performance from anywhere in their home.


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